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Nare, Bastet

Population: 77,893 (Est. 2981)

The southern-most city of Bastet, founded in 1882 YA as Bastet expanded outwards from Hope. Here, it met the sparse forests where the Southern Nomads roamed, who lived off the cycle of growth here, traveling between the different spots each year. They also shared the secret of silk, produced by the insects of the forest and woven into various sheer styles after they have emerged from their cocoons. Since then, the insects hold a large part of Nareís commerce, with a large portion of the underground plains devoted to the care and breeding of the Silkflies. It also does a booming trade with the nobles of Neon, who covet the rare foods that grow in the forests, to such an extent that several foods also inhabit the underground plains.


The name given to the planet on which humanity resides.

(See Also: Calendar, Astronomy).


As little is known of the origins of the Nephalim as is known of the Angels and the Fey. After the Angels descended to Neon and created the Fey for our protection and enlightenment, humanity entered a brief glimpse of a golden age within the city of Fren. They spread out, inhabiting the lush plains of what is now Tanor, spreading south into the sparse forests of Bastet. Then came the Nephalim. (More...)

Nomad Lands,

A large plain of land on the coast of Celestial Ocean, bordering Teríciel. The nomads settled here during the War of Mages, and went unnoticed by the rest of Barbaria. Just as in Bastet, the nomads weave silk to trade with Havosa and Nyalam, and help the passage of the goods between Barbaria and Durian in Tanor.


Nori, Stoci

Population: 72,634 (Est. 2955 YA)

The last remains of the country of Nori, captured by Stoci during the Second Apollyon War after it fell into anarchy for fear of His return. What was once a grand country, the equal of Tekas, it was slowly worn down into a mere city-state. This was helped along by the mass exodus of people to the green plains of Tanor in 1276 YA. Since then, the country failed to keep up with the other countries, and lost most of its lands when Stoci broke off from Theon in 2205 YA. After its fall into Stoci hands, it has grown a little, yet remains a footnote in the history of what it birthed (See Also: Apollyon).


Nyalam, TeríCiel

Population: 89,350 (Est. 2955 YA)

A large coastal city built beneath the cliffs of TeríCiel plains, giving it an excellent view of the Celestial Ocean and the Nomad lands to the south. It also has a large harbour at the bottom of the cliffs where it trades with Havosa and the rest of Tekas.